Description: You spin me right round baby, right round - like a tube of chemicals.

The Centrifuge is unlocked after completing "The Great Escape" (misson). Centrifuge can be only be built in the Chemical Lab.

  • There is no Security bonus for this piece of furniture.
  • Two minions are required to build/upgrade this piece of furniture.
  • This furniture require 4 square space plus 3 accessible squares.


Level Level Required Cost Time XP Unlocks
1 1
  • 20,000 Gold
3h 20
2 3 8h 22
3 26 8h 22
4 31 24h 24
5 0 24h 24


It takes one minion to craft one of the items below. You can only craft one of each item at a time.

Item Furniture Level Resources Required Time to Complete XP Obedience Mouseover "Craft" Text
Industrial Strength Laxative 1 1h 30m 15 -17 For easing your passage... to world domination.
Toxic Goo 1 3h 25 -25 Evil and corrosive sludge with mutiple use!
Bacteria 2 12h 20 -14 Like bacteria, but super strong!
Blue Pill 3 8h 18 -7 Ignorance or reality; make your choice!
Poison 3 1h 5 -10 Foul, nasty and powerful enough to knock out hundreds.
DNA Sample 4 24h 25 -30 A little bit of this, a little bit of that.
Microbiology Pack 5 45m 10 -11 Everything needed to learn the basics of Microbiology.


Description: "Break spinning whirling motor thingy!"

Level Item Probability Gold
1 Toxic Goo 45% 40
2 Industrial Strength Laxative 45% 50
3 Poison 45% 60
4 DNA Sample 45% 70

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