Copper Plate
Type Stolen resource
Inventory max 30
Sale price 75 Coin
Market price 1 Gem

A base material for creating printed circuit boards. Acquired by infiltration.

Copper Plate is a resource that can only be obtained by meddling with equipment of your syndicate members. Its only known use is gold creating in Gold Producer.

Stealing Edit

Infiltrating your syndicate members' lairs, you have a chance of looting this item from them.

Use Edit

  • Gold Producer:
    • Gold x 100,000: 4 (1/25,000)
    • Gold x 135,000: 7 (~1/20,000)
    • Gold x 275,000: 12 (~1/23,000)
    • Gold x 500,000: 14 (~1/36,000)

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