Research Papers
Type Harvested resource
Inventory max 99
Sale price 150 coins
Market price 1 gem

The latest research papers from the international scientific community. You'll need to be on the cutting edge of science to be properly evil!


Codex of Knowledge Level 1

  • 1 Research Paper
    • 8 hours

Codex of Knowledge Level 2

  • 1 Research Paper
    • 4 hours


Infiltrating your syndicate members' lairs, you have a chance of looting this item from them.


Crafting componentEdit

Inspired Blueprint x 3

  • 2 Research Papers

Inspired Software Flow Chart x 3

  • 2 Research Papers

Inspired Chemical Blueprint x 3

  • 2 Research Papers

Inspired Electronic Blueprint x 3

  • 2 Research Papers

Inspired Weapons Blueprint x 2

  • 5 Research Papers

Furniture upgrade componentEdit

Conference Table Level 4

  • 13 Research Papers

Researchinator Level 5

  • 10 Research Papers

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