Since midnight last night the second part of the World Cup mission series has become live. The new mission is available to those who have finished the previous mission.

World Of Trouble. Part 2

This mission has 8 stages and a time limit of 3 days. The end purpose is stealing the World Trophy.


1) Place the Captured Footballer from your inventory to your Interrogation Room


  • 1 x Tactical Interrogation at Captured Footballer
  • 1 x Torture With Endless Football Cliches at Captured Footballer


  • 1 x Tedious Offside Rule Arguments at Captured Footballer
  • 1 x Undermine Confidence With Chants at Captured Footballer


5) (dialogue)

6) (dialogue)

7) 1 x Remote Controlled Minion at a Hacking Station

8) Place the World Trophy from your inventory to your Strong Room

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